Seven Reasons Why You Should Lease A Car

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img-1The two most common questions on everyone who intends to get a new car are how do I get the best car deal and Is it better for me to buy a new car or Lease a car? Here good reasons why you should lease a car.

1. Use it and dump it
A car is automobile equipment that gets you to your destination. It does not harm if you do not own one, you only need to use it and let go of it when not needed.
2. Cost Advantage
Leasing a car helps you to control the cost of your usage based on distance and time. You pay based on how much miles you use it.
3. Best car deals
The chances are higher for you to get the best deal on leases. You ensure this by speaking directly to the manufacturer instead of the dealer. Car makers often increase the residual of a particular model to take market shares from other companies, thus, reducing your monthly cost. This works best when you don’t focus on brand name but look out for the best lease deals. You can check out exciting and favorable lease deals and best offers at
4. Cars are depreciating assets, don’t own them
It is not the best to own an asset that depreciates in value with time. The truth is, either you lease, or you own a car, you will have payments forever because as the car gets older, more repairs are needed. Leasing for a short-term period of 24-36 months gives you the best advantage.
5. Leasing a car gives protection against future loss
Leasing a car is like getting life insurance. It protects you against any form of future loss if there is an economic downturn.
6. No stress about selling or trading in your car
When you lease a car, you do not have to go through the stress car owners go through when selling or trading in the car, the dealer simply handles that.
7. Bigger Tax deductions
Leases have almost six times larger write-offs than ownership. This saves cost for business owners especially, as they enjoy this tax benefit.

In all, leases are easier and faster to get through when compared to series of documentation to be done with dealerships and banks.

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