Our delivery process

Car delivery is not only an opportunity for our enterprise to demonstrate our experience, attention to every little detail and intent to care about every single one of our clients, but also one of the interaction points that allows us to of getting in touch directly with a client.

The automobile industry is developing steadily. The amount of vehicles up for a choice is actually mindblowing, and the technologies available for managing your car are exactly as impressive. The companies who offer their services on managing the vehicles, telematics, gasoline retailers and the automobile companies themselves are doing everything they can to make this business and life area more effective for them and of course more safe for drivers and all the other people on the road. But there’s in fact one area in which there wasn’t any huge improvements and innovations — that’s a process of car delivery. One would think that it’s the easiest part of the whole business, but we can assure you that it used to be a huge headache and something that used to cause a lot of problems. But this is not the case anymore.

Lease with us, and we promise that we will bring your new car right to your door, avoiding any misunderstandings and problems!

If it’s possible, we’ll try to organize a delivery in that exact timeframe that suits you the best and also choose a date that fits your busy schedule. If it’s needed, we can deliver your car to any address of your choice or even your working place, to make the delivery process flexible, easy and smooth and an enjoyable experience overall. At the day of scheduled delivery our professional and skilled drivers will contact you to once again clarify all the details, confirm that they’re on their way and ask you if you’re ready to test all of the features of your new car right after it arrives.

It’s also possible for our company to take your car, repair it and get back to your franchise dealer in order for you to avoid any misunderstanding with them.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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