Lease A New Car – What To Expect


We all want to look presentable and successful. One of the things that helps us to look successful is the car that we drive. As a result, its condition should be perfect, it should look expensive and shiny, such a car will definitely make you feel more confident. However, there were so many questions in the air for the past 10 years like ‘Should I get a new car?’, ‘Or maybe I should get a loan?’, ‘Wow! Now there is another car leasing opportunity?’. All of this leads to ‘WHAT SHOULD I DO?’. Here we will discuss pros and cons of car leasing.

What are the pros?

  • Drive a brand-new car every few years;
  • Your car has modern technologies and stays in a good condition;
  • No need to repair it for a while;
  • Lower down payment than with a loan or a car purchase;
  • Lower tax than with a loan or a car purchase;
  • No need to deal with selling;
  • Your car is under a warranty etc.


What are the cons?

  • Limit on the distance that you can drive (usually 10 – 15K every year);
  • Extra charge in case you drive more;
  • Additional charge if you have any scratches or damage;
  • The car won’t be yours after the expiration date unless you are on an open-end lease;Extra charge in case you want to return the car earlier than you were supposed to.


What are the conditions of getting a car leasing?

We can assure you that the whole process of getting a car leasing is simpler than buying a new one. You need to pick a car and take it for a test-drive. Make a decision whether you want to keep the car or return it after the expiration date because you have both options. Get a great deal, our team of professionals will gladly assist you with that. Then provide us with the down payment and then monthly payments.

What happens after the expiration date?

There are two types of leases close-end and open-end. With a close-end option all you need to do after the expiration date is to give the keys to the dealer and walk away. After that you can get a new lease or buy a new car. While with an open-end option you must buy this car, and give the last payment.
Of course, getting a new car is a big decision because this will be your ‘new friend’ for the next few years. In different cars you will even feel differently. We hope that you can find it on our website.

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