Your Questions Answered

Concur Leasing acting as a referral partner with our dealer network. All cars are leased or sold are new and carry the manufacturer’s warranty, and qualify for all available rebates. The leasing contract you sign is written on dealer documents and financed through the financing entity which offers the customer the best possible finance rate. Concur Leasing inspects and facilitates the documentation process on your behalf and we work with you to answer all your questions.

All lease payments are made directly to the Financial Lender that agreed to finance the lease. Most financing banks have an online service where you can track payments and enter recurring payment information.


It’s very simple. Our specialist will contact you with the quote, if that is acceptable to you we will start to proceed with the order and arranging your new vehicle delivery right to your Home or Office.


No. All our quotes are “0 down payment” quotes. This means, that a “down payment” is not required–which, if you lease through a dealership, can often run into the thousands of dollars. Please note, in your first month, you will be required to pay “one-time” bank fee, titling, registration, and documentation fees.

We strongly encourage our customers to test drive desirable vehicles prior engaging in purchasing or leasing. We can assist in facilitating scheduled test drives with our dealer partners. Remember you are under no obligation to buy a car from the dealer where you test drive.

Typically, the Leasing Contract is available for your review a day or two before delivery. Most customers, review and sign the paperwork at the time of taking delivery; however, we are more than happy to provide you with advanced copies for your review. Of course, you are not committed to take delivery of the vehicle unless and until you are completely satisfied with the paperwork.

You can service your car at any local Dealer Franchise Store that is close to you.

Your lease return vehicle will be delivered to a Dealer for grounding.


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