Referral Program

Nothing will say more about our company’s reputation, quality and reliability than recommendations straight from our clients. So, if you like our service and like what we do, please don’t hesitate to recommend is to your friends or colleagues who are also in search of a leasing company, looking to sell a car to a reliable buyer or want to avoid huge bills from their dealer and need help in getting their car in good conditions before leasing agreement expires. If they will be able to use our great deals, it will be a win-win situation for you, for us and for your friends. And here’s a reason why it’s the case.

As a thank you, participating customers will be eligible to receive $150 referral awards check, if they referral will use our services to lease or purchase a car from us.

There’s no restrictions to the amount of people you can bring to us, so if you want to thank us, it’s the best way to do it and even get paid back and rewarded! We’re really thankful to all of our clients using our referral program, because you help us make our clients base bigger and improve constantly by doing that. You show our potential clients that they will be getting highest level service here and we really do appreciate it. And, as has been said already, we give back.

But if you aren’t satisfied with our service level or something went wrong, we first of all deeply apologize for it, and second of all kindly ask you to contact us, explain the situation and let us know what was not as good as expected. And after your problem is solved, maybe you’ll have a reason to recommend us to your friends and claim your loyalty bonus as soon as possible!

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