Car Leasing Secrets That Could Save You Some Money

img-1You might have held the conception that car leasing is and will always cost you, but there are a couple of things to do so as to save some money and get a cheap car lease deal. Here are some “Dos and Don’ts”.

What to Avoid

Avoid being Uncertain 
Before you put pen to paper to sign a car lease agreement ensure you are very sure that is the car you want to lease. Once you sign a lease agreement do not change your mind because cancelling a new car lease deal is usually very expensive.

Be smart with the choice of insurance
Ensure that you bargain for good quality gap insurance more than what’s written in your contract. The car will never be yours in the end, so there is no point paying a high insurance fee. You can offer to pay a security deposit to the leasing company if you decide to.

Do not get excess extra additions
You have to bear in mind that when you are leasing a car, more costs may be incurred by simply making extra additions for comfort. Carefully choose extras that you want to be added to the car you are leasing, as you will be billed the cost of the lease as well.

What to do

Adapt your leased car
The good thing about leasing a car is that you can adapt the car to suit your needs. This means that you can make a request for extra changes like tinted glass, new seats, the navigation device, and power steering before getting a new leased car. The costs for important extra additions are usually born by the lease company.

Save cost of repairs
As long as you keep to the terms of agreement on mileage and usage, you only need to worry about little maintenance. Major repairs will be the responsibility of the lease company or the insurance company.

Ensure you understand the lease agreements
Take your time to read and understand the lease agreements for your car deal before signing. Some have special clauses on mileage and how far from the region you can travel on the car. This helps you to avoid costs that come with breach of contract.
Getting a new car lease is good; you get to drive a new car every 30 to 40 months. Always ensure you test drive and read the lease agreements well before signing them. You can visit for more useful tips.

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