About Us

Welcome to Concur Leasing, your very own companion in car leasing. We’re ready to offer you an unrivaled choice of automobiles with the best leasing conditions from most popular auto-manufacturers. Continue reading to get to know us better!

Our main objective is to become one of the world’s best companies in leasing area, quality-wise as well as in terms of quantity and service. To achieve this we work as one united team and always strive to overcome all the difficulties and make our service even better than our clients expect it to be. Innovations, new technologies and high quality of service are the main instruments on our way to getting better steadily. We’re constantly asking out clients about how satisfied they are and this feedback is very important for us. We aim to satisfy every single one of our clients with the help of truly personal service which shouldn’t leave anyone unhappy. Our client-orientated policy is pretty much the rule for us and we’ll definitely stick to it. We assure you that our service and price levels will also always be stable and balanced.

Our main priorities are team spirit, innovative working process, personal responsibility for everyone and dedication to what our team does. Those values play an important role in our strategy that aims to build successful company-client relationships.

One of the main traits of a successful person of our time is being mobile and ready to move forward. And when we talk mobility, the first association is surely a car. So, our objective is to be your mobility partner and offer you:

  • Comprehensive service that takes personal, professional, financial, technical and ecological parameters into account;
  • Loads of offers adapted personally to fit each client.

So stop wasting your time and contact us today! We guarantee that you won’t leave us disappointed!

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